My Story

My name is Emily Teitsworth, and this is my story.

Everyone has a place they call home. A place that feels so right that they decide to settle there until silver-haired and world-weary. I grew up in Rochester, NY. I went to college in Selinsgrove, PA. So far, I've visited 16 of the states, and I have been to Nairobi, Kenya and Quebec City, Canada. In my Junior year of college, I studied abroad for four months in Scotland, and visited England and Ireland while there. I have never felt a sense of belonging as strong as I did when I was in Scotland. I was this close to moving to Scotland and settling. Then I thought, what if there is some place in the world where I feel this way even stronger? How can I know where I belong until I see it all?

I'm 23. I'm capable, I'm a writer, I'm still growing spiritually and I have fears to conquer. What better time to travel and fall in love with the world and all its little wonders? I aim to see it all, until the soles of my feet ache, and still I'll continue to discover.

I want friends along the way. Like you. I want to tell you about my journey. All aspects of it. The charming, the phenomenal, the not-so-nice, the spiritual, the personal, the inspiration, the beautiful, the ugly, the happy and the sad, the know-how, and the tedious. I invite you to come with me on my adventure.

Let this wanderlust seize your body and mind as much as it does mine. I'll share. Here. A fistful of silvery-blue wanderlust just for you. Hide it under your pillow. Eat it with your morning bagel. Give it time to mature, until it is all consuming.

Then, give in. Let it lead you to where you belong.

I'll meet you there.