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A Confident You

October 8, 2018 0

You are traveling solo for the first time, in Reykjavik, the most expensive city in the world.┬áThe hostel is busy, with creaky beds and cranky guests. Silence is your first choice of introduction, but that won’t make the trip fun. There is no excitement being stuck in your own head for two weeks. How best to make friends in a hostel? So you say hello to everyone who stays in your dorm style room. No…

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Ways to Live Abroad for Three Months

August 10, 2018 0

This autumn and winter I will be traveling around Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. At first, this trip was only going to be two weeks long, and spent only in Iceland. Then I had a realization. If I am going abroad, I need to do it for a longer time. Two weeks is barely enough time to get to know a culture and make friends. As a traveler with some anxiety, it is also barely enough…

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