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Ways to Live Abroad for Three Months

August 10, 2018 0

This autumn and winter I will be traveling around Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. At first, this trip was only going to be two weeks long, and spent only in Iceland. Then I had a realization. If I am going abroad, I need to do it for a longer time. Two weeks is barely enough time to get to know a culture and make friends. As a traveler with some anxiety, it is also barely enough…

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My Story

August 1, 2018 0

My name is Emily Teitsworth, and this is my story.   Everyone has a place they call home. A place that feels so right that they decide to settle there until silver-haired and world-weary. I grew up in Rochester, NY. I went to college in Selinsgrove, PA. So far, I’ve visited 16 of the states, and I have been to Nairobi, Kenya and Quebec City, Canada. In my Junior year of college, I studied abroad for…

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